Get beautiful hands, feet and nails with these fabulous treatments. 



Hand, Foot & Nail Treatments

The words pedicure and manicure are derived from Latin words. Manicures and pedicures are not only good for keeping your hands and feel look and feeling gorgeous, but can also help improve circulation and relieve aches and pains in the hands, arms, feet and legs.

Manicure                                                      £18.00

The word manicure comes from the Latin words 'manus', meaning hands, and 'cura', meaning care - the care of the hands. This manicure treatment includes, a hand soak in a finger bowl with warm soapy water to soften the cuticles. Your nails are trimmed (if desired), filed, and ridges buffed off the surface of the nail. Cuticles are pushed back, and removed if needed. Dirt is cleaned out from under the free edge of your nails and brushed with a nail brush. Hands and arms (if desired) are massaged with lotion. Nails are painted with a base coat, two coats of desired colour, and a top coat. Manicures are not only beautifying. They can help with circulation, muscle aches in the arms, wrists, hands, and fingers, and may help relieve tendon related pain in the wrists.

Pedicure                                                       £20.00

The word pedicure comes from the Latin words 'pedis', meaning feet, and 'cura' meaning care - the care of the feet. This pedicure treatment includes, a foot soak in a small bubbling, vibrating, heated tub of warm water - a bit like a hot tub. Your toe nails are clipped (if desired/ needed). Toenails are filed and cuticles are pushed back. A series of treatments are all massaged into your feet and your legs up to your knees. A foot scrub is applied which exfoliates the feet and help to break down calluses. A pumice stone or foot file is used with the scrub to remove or smooth any calluses. A moisturising lotion massaged into the feet and legs. Your toenails are painted with a base coat, two coats of your favourite colour, and a top coat. If feet are severely damaged calluses may not be completely removed in the first pedicure. Routine pedicures can help. One every week or two is ideal. Routine pedicures can also help to relieve back and leg pain, help improve circulation in the legs and feet which is especially beneficial for diabetics, and may help you sleep better at night.

File & Polish on fingers or toes                     £10.00

Minx                                                              £20.00

Minx/ Trendy is a vinyl nail coating that comes in foil and sparkly metallics, photo quality designs and any colour under the sun. But, that's not all because they are made of vinyl film and not polish it doesn't chip or wear like polish does! This product applies faster than polish, requires NO drying time, requires NO chemicals for application or removal, as well as strengthens nails and repairs cracks! They can be applied to natural and artificial nails. Typically lasts up to six weeks on toes and one week on fingers. Ask to see the variety of designs and colours available in stock.

Gelish Gel Nails

                          Gelish Overlay                    £20.00

                          Gelish Extensions               £30.00 

                          Removal and new set         £25.00 

Nail polish with the strength of a gel! No chipping, no smudging lasts for up to three weeks and dries in a matter of minutes with an immaculate finish. Perfect for beautiful nails that last! Ask to see the range of colours in stock.